Girls Play Sports (GPS) is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to building leadership skills and confidence in girls through their participation in a wide variety of sports. GPS offers this program for communities/high schools to help introduce girls to a wide variety of sports, provide them with role models and emphasize pride in being a female athlete. This program is targeted towards girls before they arrive in middle school in order to strengthen positive feelings towards athletics, and before middle school influences begin to erode their perceptions about what girls are supposed to be and supposed to like.

Girls Play Sports Festival

2017-2018 Girls Play Sports Festival Date:  February 19th, 2018

The GPS Festival brings 5th graders together from across a high school’s feeder district for a three hour celebration of sport. The goals of the program are to show girls it’s great to be a female athlete, playing multiple sports is a good thing and to build a stronger connection with their local high school athletic program. Utilizing the high school’s female sports ambassadors as the leaders and coaches, the Festival begins with a meal (lunch or dinner) where high school girls eat with the 5th graders and talk to them about the important role sports has played in their life. They also discuss difficulties the girls may have encountered dealing with negative stereotypes or other obstacles to participating in sports. After the meal, the 5th graders participate in three sports sessions of their choice organized by season. Each session provides a quick introduction to the sport and fun drills that teach the fundamentals of the sport with an exciting contest or challenge at the end. The Festival culminates with a Pep Rally, motivational speeches and participation gifts for the girls.

BRING A GPS FESTIVAL TO YOUR COMMUNITY: Girls Play Sports organizes the entire event and trains the high school athletes. GPS manages the marketing, registrations, decorations, food, logistics and training. The community or high school provides the female student-athletes and list of local grade schools.  For more information on how to bring a GPS Festival to your community, email

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