In order to achieve our mission, Girls Play Sports coaches, counselors and student-athletes are guided by the following core values:

Empowerment: We empower girls through athletics. Playing sports builds confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that girls who play sports will perform better in the classroom than their non-athletic classmates.

Community: Girls Play Sports is committed to giving back to our community by bridging the gaps between grade school, middle school and high school girls. We stress the importance of reaching out to all areas in our community, making our programs accessible to all interested girls. Cost is never an obstacle to participation.

Integrity: We remember the special coaches, teachers, and mentors who made a difference in our lives. We want to be the special coach who makes a difference in a young lady’s life, pushing her to maximize her fullest potential.

Leadership: Girls Play Sports develops the leaders of the future. We use sports as the vehicle to help push girls to be leaders in their schools, on their teams and in their communities. We help them to use sports as a way to get where they want to go in their lives.

Education: In addition to teaching the fundamentals of sports, Girls Play Sports is a curriculum-based program, stressing important topics that affect girls. We give girls a safe place to share their experiences and discuss some of the challenging issues they face today.

Fun: Kids play sports because they’re fun. They quit sports when the fun is over. Girls Play Sports teaches the skills of each sport through fun drills and makes competition exciting without overemphasizing the need to win.