Our sponsors play a big role in our team!  We believe that there is a growing need for our Girls Play Sports programs in our community and so do our sponsors.

Individual Sponsorships are donations that go directly to support girls in need of financial assistance. We reserve 50% registrations each month for low income families. Individual Sponsorship categories are as follows:

Director ($1,200) Support two girls each monthly unit for all 8 units.
Coach ($600) Support one girl each monthly unit for all 8 units.
Captain ($150) Support two girls for one monthly unit.
Teammate ($75) Support one girl for one monthly unit.
Mascot ($50) Support sport equipment costs.
Fan ($25) Support tournament entry fees.
Ball Girl ($10) Support lunch and gift for one girl at GPS Festival.

If you are interested in becoming a Girls Play Sports sponsor, please DONATE NOW.

A big thanks to those Individual Sponsors who have donated to Girls Play Sports.  Your donations have made it possible for all girls to participate.