In an age of sports specialization where kids are encouraged as early as age 7 to focus on one sport to have the best chance of earning a college scholarship, Girls Play Sports was created to provide girls with a chance to sample all sports and learn the FUNdamentals of each to make their own decisions about what they truly enjoy and want to continue PLAYing.

To allow girls to play many sports and keep the fun in playing sports, Girls Play Sports offers the GPS After School Clinics and the GPS Festival for grade school girls, and the Team GPS monthly sports units for middle school girls.  Each month features a new pair of sports from different seasons so that girls recognize they can play multiple sports. In addition, these sports complement one another with the physical attributes required to excel and serve as a great cross training program so that girls learn they can improve in one sport while competing in another.

In addition to teaching a variety of sports, Girls Play Sports is committed to helping girls become the leaders of tomorrow by engaging them in conversations about important topics that affect girls today. For example, Team GPS utilizes each monthly unit to emphasize a new discussion topic and will introduce girls to guest speakers that lead them through discussions and reflection.

All of the Girls Play Sports programs utilize high school athletes as hands-on instructors to better engage girls and provide them with female role models they can identify with and respect. They provide girls with a tangible vision of what a strong high school female athlete looks and acts like. The female instructors also benefit from this experience as it helps strengthen their own leadership and communication skills and helps empower them to realize the positive influence they can have on others.

Unlike most sports programs today, Girls Play Sports does not require participation for the entire year. Simply register for the program or sports you find most appealing. Girls Play Sports also offers fun “Adventures in Sport” at different times throughout the year where girls can attend a wide variety of fun sporting events at discounted rates with girls of similar interests.